Saturday, January 28, 2006

This is the Camp Victory "Cable Guy." Technically, that's a poor name for him, because he is actually the satellite television guy, but I think we all agree "Cable Guy" is more fun to say. He has blue spots on him because he lives out in Baghdad, and I need to protect his identity. I have spent the past week or so getting our satellite television hooked up so we can watch CNN, etc., so I ended up working with Cable Guy a lot. It was fun bringing him into the palace, because it was his first time. I had my camera handy and was able to burn a bunch of photos onto a cd for him. It was pretty cool. He told me stories about how all the photos in the palace were of Saddam, and Saddam used to bathe in milk, and he would feed body parts of those who disagreed with him to his fishies, tigers, and other wildlife. He also said there used to be dolphins in the palace lake here. I don't know if I believe that one, but I guess anything is possible with that whack-job.

Anywho, we put the sat. dish on the roof of the palace after I went through the approval process with the building manager, and we dropped the cable down through a 3rd floor window. I then had to string the cable down the passageway to our cubicle. In the end, we needed about 85 yards of coax! The extreme cable length caused our signal to be weak, so Cable Guy had to return again with a bigger dish. Realizing that bigger is better, I had opted for the big dish in the first place, but he showed up with the little one on the initial installation day.

We now have the big dish, though, and our signal kicks butt. My work here is finished.

Notice anything weird about this passageway? No? GOOD! This is where I strung the coaxial cable. On the left. See it? No? Super!

Here's a closer view. I put the cable up under the molding to hide it better. So far, so good. The building manager hasn't come to scream at me yet. I might see about a second job here as the Cable Guy's assistant...

And, voila! Our television. Now we are ready to rock. All we need is a microwave and some popcorn!


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