Saturday, January 14, 2006

Here we are getting ready to snowboard down the mountain in Garmisch, Germany.

Well, the internet cost $10.00 in Garmisch, so I didn't bother getting online much. When we did get online, I was too exhausted to post to this now I am playing catch-up. We basically snowboarded all day, every day, and when we returned home, we went straight to dinner and bed. We had a week of snowboard lessons with an excellent instructor named Randall, and we enjoyed just exploring as much of the mountain as possible. It was just me, David, Randall, and a cool Air Force guy named Darin in our group, so we were able to really get out and have fun. I think the photos will demonstrate how much fun we had.

We drove back to Italy yesterday, Friday, and I have to fly to Dubai tonight. I am not happy about having to leave, but I guess that's life. I'll be happy to see my Iraq teammates again, and they will help console me...

Enjoy the pics. Talk to you from Baghdad.

Riding the lift up for our first run.

Dave at the top of the hill.

A solar corona, which I guess is just ice crystals in the air creating a prism effect and creating a rainbow of colors.

By the end of the week, Dave was catching mad air. Personally, I was too afraid pain and/or death to try it. I did get a few inches of air, I guess...


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