Saturday, March 25, 2006

LOOK! We got BEDS!!! Kristy and I found out that some of the guys' tents got actual, real beds in them, and since they didn't seem to be ready to put beds in the girls' tents any time soon, we took the initiative. We went into one of the boys' tents and stole two empty racks. Now we are sleeping in comfort! Check out the quilt on my bed. I got that as a gift from Emily, our Philipino friend who is responsible for cleaning the heads and showers. She got it as a gift from a friend, and she gave it to me when I gave her a cd/mp3/tape player. She is the sweetest thing. She had no idea I am a Texan, but the quilt happens to have a bronco, a Texas flag, a cactus, a cowboy hat, a yellow rose, and all things Texas on it. I am in love with it.


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