Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our teammates, Iraqi Americans Haidar and Ahmed, had been asking me where they can buy fishing equipment, and I told them they might need to order it. When I was at the Blackhawk market the other day, I happened across a crappy Chinese fishing kit and bought it for them. In return, they caught a lovely fish and brought it to my office to show me yesterday. I just love this photo!
Ahmed, the angler.
Ahmed with another fishy on the line.

This one is a fighter! We had to pray the piece of crap Chinese rod/reel wouldn't break. The reel doesn't really reel very well...

Almost comes the fishy!

Poor baby had the hook in her pretty good. We practice catch and release. We feel sorry for the fish, plus we would be scared to eat anything that lives in that nasty Saddam water. Who knows how many chemicals and dead bodies are in there...

My heroes. Ahmed let Haidar be in this picture, because he baited the hook. That's what I call teamwork!


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