Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sandstorm, 26 April 2007, Al Asad Air Base, Iraq
Hello, boys and girls. With this posting, we are all in for a special treat. My brother Eric, currently flying CH-53 Super Stallion helicopters out of Al Assad Air Base in Al Anbar Province, has sent me a photo and video clip of a recent sand storm. Here in Baghdad, we never see such sand storms, because there's too much stuff around us to block the force of the wind. So, without further delay, please enjoy the following:
First, an excerpt from my brother's email to me:
"F$#@ THIS PLACE AND (deleted items)!!! I’m going home in just 17 days, and this place can kiss my a$$."
Now that we are all acquainted with Eric's true sentiments (echoed by many), here is the video:


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