Friday, December 02, 2005

LTC Cummings hangs Christmas decorations on a chandelier inside of Saddam's Al Faw palace. Saddam would roll over in his grave if he knew we were putting Christmas decorations in his palace. Oh? He's not dead? Well, still, you get the point.
The Christmas season is fast approaching! My whole team, as far as I know, will be here over the holidays, so we will have fun, I'm sure. Decorations are going up in the exchange, the dining facilities, and elsewhere, and I fully intend to get in on the action. My darling mom is sending me some outdoor lights, so I promise to decorate my hooch and post the pics here. It should be fun.
As we all prepare for Christmas, a lot of internet shopping is happening after business hours. My shopping is pretty much completed, and I have to admit that my favorite purchase is my round-trip set of tickets from Baghdad to Italy, via Dubai, to see my sweetie. Dave and I are going to spend New Year's and his birthday in Italy, and then we're going snowboarding in Garmisch, Germany, for a whole week! It's gonna rock! I can hardly wait. This will likely be my only leave period during my nine months here in the sandbox, so I'm making the most out of it. Whooooopeeee!!!
Hope you're all having a groovy December. (I still can't believe it's already December...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, that LTC Cummings sure is a handsome devil! I wonder if he's married?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 4:32:00 PM  
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