Sunday, December 04, 2005

On the way in to work on the morning of the Army/Navy game, we realized some Navy fans (they have to be alumni) had gone on a recon under the cover of darkness and painted some messages on very highly visible items on base. Here're the messages on the steps and porta potties between the palace and the chow hall. Haha. Whoever did it, I thank you.
Well, I had fully intended to go to the Army/Navy party in to watch the game in the Al Faw Palace ballroom, but I went to bed instead. The game started at 2230 (10:30 p.m.), and that is just way past my bedtime. My mom tells me we trounced Army, though, so I guess they didn't need me there to cheer them on. Woohoo! Awesome!
Just for fun, I've posted some more photos of all the Go Navy, Beat Army! graffitti. Don't worry, though: the paint was water based and has already been cleaned up.


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