Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sec. Rumsfeld stopped by the palace tonight to speak to the troops, so Sabah and I got our pictures with him. He was calling me by name, saying, "Where's Nancy? She's good with that camera. She has a very steady hand." So I said, "Former Marine, Sir," and he laughed. He was cool. I've met him before, and he was cool then, too. He is just really good with the troops. Very genuine. He stayed forever after his speech to make sure everybody who wanted a photo got one. Thanks, Sec. Rumsfeld! You are the MAN, and we appreciate you.

I took this shot of myself and Secretary Rummy. It's possible he has a slight crush on me...

Rumsfield on surprise visit
22/12/2005 17:05 - (SA)

Baghdad - Defense secretary Donald H Rumsfeld flew unannounced to Iraq on Thursday to meet with American battlefield commanders and soldiers amid increasing signs the Bush administration is planning new troop cuts.

Flying to Baghdad from Afghanistan in an Air Force cargo plane, Rumsfeld was met at the airport here by General George Casey, the top United States commander in Iraq.

In an in-flight interview, Rumsfeld hinted that the US troop presence would soon be cut below the 138,000 number that has been the standard level for much of 2005. Rumsfeld referred to a plan to cancel the scheduled deployment of two Army brigades.

"Until it's announced, the government's decision hasn't been announced. Therefore it's not final," he cautioned.

Rumsfeld's surprise visit followed one over the weekend by vice-president Dick Cheney.

My dad was looking through the Boise paper and discovered this pic of Secretary Rumsfeld greeting the troops at Al Faw Palace. He's got a good eye, because he spied half of what could very well be MY HEAD! Take a look. I mean, I was there...taking pictures...


Blogger housediggity said...

Great pics. If only you had slapped a sticker on his lapel. That would have been really memorable!

Sunday, December 25, 2005 7:49:00 PM  

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