Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The sun sets near Lerici, Italy, January 3.
Today is Dave's 37th birthday! We are in Lerici, Italy, which is located on the coast, about 40 minutes north of Pisa. He and I sampled the delicious breakfast at the Hotel Doria Park and then drove down to Camp Darby, an American base, to prepare David's Mini to be shipped to California. His next duty station is San Diego, and he has moved out of his home here and packed up everything to prepare to fly home to the U.S. later this month. One of the final items of business is to ship his car home, and that's what we set out to do today. After a lot of hubbub, wwe were told we'd have to come back again tomorrow...and that sort of put a damper on the birthday excitement.
We did get into the party spirit in time to go down to the favorite local restaurant for a birthday dinner celebration later in the night. Enrico and Elisa own the little Trattoria, and we usually find ourselves there several times per week. Dave's friends came out to celebrate his birthday and to sort of bid him farewell, and it was a good party. He has such good friends! I hope you enjoy the photos.

Nancy and Dave celebrate his 37th birthday.

Dave receives a gift from artist friend Jessica. Jessica is becoming more and more successful and has recently moved from Lerici to Milan. That's great for her and bad for us, because now we can't afford her work! Jessica, because she is a nonconformist, also gave me a gift for Dave's birthday: a stained-glass bowl she made. I own a couple of pieces of her jewelry, too.

Jessica's painting. Cooool.

Enrico cuts his just-baked cake.

This little placard from Enrico says, "Happy birthday, old pig." Haha. He's quite the joker, and quite a good friend, which is why he can write that for Dave. Haha.

Enrico wins my favor with his USMC shirt.

Dave and his Italian Navy friends pose with the gift they gave him. The incursori symbol.

Parting shot: David and I try the "retro" setting on my new Casio Exilim 500 camera.


Anonymous Maureen said...

Happy Birthday, Nancy's Dave!! Glad you're having a great time. Iraq's not the same without you! LOL You should have never identified what kind of camera you bought sonce you'll probably lose that one too before you get back :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 9:25:00 AM  

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