Monday, December 05, 2005

The other day, I took pictures of the goat sticker in various locations on base. I sent it in to the Backcountry folks for a chance to win free gear (they're my favorite online gear spot). I am a gear whore, but at least I admit it. Here's the sticker on Sadaam's big chair at the entrance to Al Faw Palace.
Things are going well here at Camp Victory. I actually had my first day off yesterday, Sunday, and it was really nice. I slept in a little (not much, actually, because my internal alarm clock woke me up), and I chatted online with Dave all day. I also went for a run with the Lost Lake Hash House Harriers, a running/drinking club that meets every Sunday at 1700 (5:00 p.m.). Most H3 clubs drink a lot of real beer and run around all crazy-like, but we have no excuse for crazy running, since all we drink here is Gator Aid and Near Beer. It's fun running around at night, with ever-present possibility of a twisted ankle at every step. Gotta love it.
I run here on base a lot, and my friend Kristy and I work out at the gym a few mornings per week, so a lot of people recognize us now. They come up to me and say stuff like, "Didn't I see you running the other day?", or "How was the gym last night?", or "Why were you running backwards on the tread mill?" You know, stuff like that. Of course, since I am always in the zone when I work out, and since I try never to make eye contact with anybody at any time, I never reckognize A SINGLE PERSON. Oh well. Whatever.
Hope ya'll are having fun. We are...sort of...


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