Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Too many fish in the sea!

Recently, we began anticipating the arrival of two more team mates, and we each became anxious about the lack of space in our cramped little cubicle of an office. Desperate, we combed the palace for more available space. The building manager offered me the little enclave that serves as the entryway to an non-operational elevator, and I jumped on it. We had it measured, and two companies gave me quotes for building a fourth wall (including a door) and a couple of desks. I had the electrician and the computer bubbas ready to install power and drops. I had even discarded the ridiculous quotes and found my own desk supplier. I figured out that three people could move in to the little space for less than $2000. Excited, I took the proposal to our client. For whatever reason, and I'm sure it was a good one, he said, "No." When I approached him again to see if he'd have a problem with it if we paid for it, he still said, "No." So, you see, I'm sure he has a good reason. He must, because he also said something about how I had better not dare ask him again.

Sooo...we are now up to full capacity for the first time since the contract begain, with New Girl bringing our strength to nine members. New Guy Chris and New Girl Barbara are very welcome additions to the team, and we are all very happy with our little work family. Everybody gets along swimmingly, and we are a great team. Heck, our Old New Guy, Shane, is even getting used to answering to the name his mama gave him, and he has forgiven the new New Guy for taking his old pet name.

We have gone to two shifts to alleviate some of the space problem, and we are praying for more space in the meantime. New Guy is on night shift now, but he is eager to come back to dayshift tomorrow. New Girl is busily getting her feet wet here on day shift, and things are looking good. I still want that little elevator office space, though...


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