Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Refer to the above slide as you read this blog. [Slide credit to the hilarious, handsome, and debonair Major Olson.]
Here is an important new blog correction from my dear brother, USMC Major Eric Olson:

I do enjoy reading your blog, however, I need to make one correction. I DO NOT fly the Bent Tail Echo trash "Super" Stallion anymore. I fly the venerable old 53 Delta "Sea" Stallion, the older (but smaller) sister to the big, burly prima-donna (no idea how to spell that...) Echo. [I know that, and I tell everyone about how Eric transitioned to Deltas to go to Hawaii, and I do believe, regardless of what he says here, that Hawaii is the only reason he prefers the Delta...hahaha...(Nancy's comments in pink.)]
At first glance, there are not many differences; however, once you look more closely, you will see that they are completely different animals (I share your love for commas, but like the semi-colon as well - Huh huh, I said Colon) [That is an appropriate use of the semicolon, and I applaud you.]. I have enclosed a power point slide for your viewing pleasure.
As you can see in the slides, the Delta has a sexy, trim tail; six main rotor blades, two engines, and a bit of a "hump" back. [I disagree with the semicolon use here.] She is much more fit and trim, sort of a Cameron Diaz of a helicopter. The Echo, on the other hand, has more "junk in the trunk". She has a much larger bent tail. She also has 7 main rotor blades, and 3 engines (presumably required to haul her large "trunk" around). She is much stronger than her "big" sister, and can carry far more cargo at a much faster pace. Her fuel probe allows her a vastly improved range, aswell. She is more of a body builder, but being a 53 still has "curves", sort of a J-Lo of a helicopter. [Olson men prefer athletic builds to the squishier alternative, so this makes sense.]
If the E is so much better, why fly the D you might ask? Good question. You see, when they made all the improvements to the D, they kind of stole her soul. The E's AFCS (automatic flight control system) is much more advanced that the D's. It does a lot of the "thinking" for the pilot and keeps him (or her) from abusing all that extra power and bending the aircraft. The D's AFCS allows (but also requires) the pilot to actually "fly" the thing. To me the D is kind of an outdoorsy, tomboy, girl next door; and the E is a bit of a snobbish, supermodel/powerlifter type (if there was such a thing). She is more capable, but at the same time, far more cantankerous (and much more difficult to get outof the chocks). The D on the other hand, is always ready to go. Her systems are not as complex and actually work almost all the time. Additionally, she's a lot more fun to fly, and is much more responsive. One additional note, the only place where there are still Delta squadrons is Hawaii...[Told you...]

Anyway, I hope this has been informative.

[My brother thinks he's Hawaiian. How cuuuute.]


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