Friday, September 28, 2007

I like this pic of the palace janitor. It captures sort of how I feel right now. :)

I have very, very little to blog about, and I feel kinda bad about that. It's just that I am somewhat wallowing in self pity right now. It is so terribly boring here, and there is some really gross smudgy stuff on the port-a-potty hand-sanitizer dispenser. So, not even the sanitizer is sanitary. Dang.
But there is a lot to be stoked about here, too.
First of all, I must discuss the wonderful change in weather we are experiencing. The temperatures when we got here were constantly hovering around the 120 Fahrenheit mark. That is, well, really hot, obviously, and we therefore did not like it. Some people like it, and I am not all too delighted to point out that one of those crazies is my husband, Dave, who had hoped to set a world heat record while in Iraq but didn't even come close (nahnahnahnahnah). Temperatures gradually started coming down a few degrees as August turned into September. Now, as we prepare to welcome October with open arms, we are experiencing relatively blustery highs of only 100-103!!! It was so chilly yesterday (at around 100) that I wore jeans and even considered wearing long sleeves in the cool 70 to 80-degree morning! I can hardly wait until we dip below 100 and stay there. I did bring long sleeves and a jacket, and I will be psyched to wear them. I just hope the wet weather holds off until we are all home in the U.S., the greatest country in all the world.
So, let's see, what else is there to tell you....?
Well, I wasn't gonna say anything until after the fact, but I'm in a gambling mood. I might be seeing Dave soon, for a couple of days. We had made plans a few weeks ago, too, but those fell through, so I hope it works out this time. I'll let you know later about the details!
What else, what else? Last night, Melissa and teammate John and I went to the British House for trivia night. It was pretty fun. It made me homesick, though, because, when we are both home, Dave and I go to trivia night at the Dublin Square in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter ever Tuesday night. It's really fun, because I get all possesive of the question sheets, and I get all impatient and mad when Dave let's regular patron Sam hold the sheets for too long, wasting our precious time. Haha. Sometimes I can be a real turd. It's a good thing Dave thinks I'm cute when I do that. Teeheehee. He's good like that...
Anyhow, things are actually pretty good. We're both making great money for our savings. Dave will be home in October, and I'll follow a month later, and then we'll finally be able to enjoy our cute little house in San Diego. Yay! I can HARDLY wait!!!

Me in my new dream car...

My new dream car. Haha. This $250K fully armored vehicle looks cool, but it is a slow, piggy diesel, and it is too heavy to go off road without being totally bogged down. But how sick would it be in downtown LA!? I totally want one. This will be the first in a series I will call, "Ridiculous things Nancy wants now."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That drean car will crack your driveway.but its cool

GMB from TX

Saturday, September 29, 2007 12:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That drean car will crack your driveway.but its cool

GMB from TX

Saturday, September 29, 2007 12:50:00 AM  

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