Sunday, December 11, 2005

OK, so, check it out: saddens palace has a Christmas tree in it. We had the lighting ceremony this morning, so we took a break from work to peer over the balcony and take a few photos. There was singing and general merriment all around.

Bop batta bah, bahtta bah bah bah bahhhhhhhhh!!!

General Casey said let there be light, and there was light!

As we like to joke over here on our team: "Saddam Hussein would roll over in his grave if he knew a Christmas tree was in his palace." Yes, yes. We know he isn't dead. But somebody made that slip once, and it has sort of stuck. An inside joke that I maybe shouldn'ta let out.

I told my Dave there's a menorah in the palace, next to the Christmas tree, and he said he absolutely has to see it. Here you go!

Happy Holidays...Catch you later. Oh, and go ahead and send my my presents now, so as to beat the Christmas rush. Hahahahahaa....


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