Thursday, February 02, 2006

Camp Victory has never seen so much color!
Today our other team had their half-way party. Theirs is a 6-month project, and they now have three months to go. That means my team is 1/3 of the way through. They pulled out the BBQ grill and hula gear, and the four sorority sisters from Tent 27 decided to have a photo together. I'm standing on a step, so I look like an amazon next to my friends! Anyway...CONGRATULATIONS, Team One!!!

I'll post more pictures tomorrow! (I'm on a slow internet...)

My teammate, Sabah.

Former Squid from Team I: Brian.

Members of Team I: John and Ed.

Maureen lookin' cute.

Maureen lookin' spicy. (To incorrectly quote Kristy: "Don't accept any wooden nipples.")

New guy's new look.

Paul from Team I.

Pat, a.k.a. "Stone Cold", from Team I.

Team I: Ed, Todd (a.k.a. Rowdy), Shannon, Maureen, Pauline, Brian, Paul. Front: John, Stone Cold.


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