Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hey, I'd like to send a shout-out to Dave, Mom, Scott G., Aunt Nancy (The Party Aunt), Eric/Stacey/Kaile, Marcia, and my WUBAs. How ya'll doin'?

We bumped into this "guard goose" as we exited the Palace grounds last night. He was standing around acting like he had only one leg, relying on the sympathy of passing soldiers to toss him something tasty for dinner. As soon as he found out there was no food in my bag, he high-tailed it out of there.

Maureen and I were fully prepared to have our intervention with the wicked woman of the tent last night, but she never came home. Well, she might have come home, but we were asleep when or if she did. We'll be ready if she makes an appearance tonight. To be fair, she is perfectly sweet, but we really need to inform her of the house rules! I hope she takes it well. I'd like to get along.
Here are some pics of her mess. Besides the mess, she also has a habit of flipping the lights on at 0700 while tentmates are trying to sleep ("But this is what time I get up."), and her smoking directly in front of the tent entryway makes it stink like a freakin' ashtray inside. The stink has woken me up three times, already.
House rules say nobody is allowed to take up more than one rack-space. Our new roommate's stuff stretches from the blue-and-white dresser on the right to the wall on the left!
Who has this much junk? Honestly!?


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