Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I am wearing a wonderful cashmere sweater that my darling Grandma gave me for Christmas. Nice, huh? Love the green. I'm also listening to the cute little iPod Nano that Dave gave me for Christmas. I love it. Thanks, Grandma and Dave!

I don't have anything terribly interesting to spout about. I had a major headache yesterday, and that was no fun, but things are ok besides that. Oh, and I couldn't sleep last night at all. Suck!

Anyway, I was telling my friend Nanda about a Land Rover I saw here once, and it gave me an idea for a Land Rover tribute blog. Hope you don't get too bored with it. I have Land Rover envy, and I am dying for a Defender 110.
Randy Lover is my second favorite Land Rover here at Camp Victory. My very favorite is "Ghost", a white Defender 110...my dream car.
A completely naked Defender 110. I don't know how this American soldier got his hands on one. I am jealous.

This is the first Landy I saw when I arrived in Iraq. It was at Baghdad airport's military side. I couldn't (and still can't) believe they have Range Rovers here. Those lucky Brits...Their Commanding General gets to drive around in one.

A dusty 110 at Baghdad airport.
British Army Defenders.

A Range Rover appropriately parked in front of the palace.

Randy Lover in the palace parking lot.


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