Sunday, February 12, 2006

Here I am. Kristy just took this pic for me so I could post it for you.

Howdy, ya'll. My apologies for not posting. I've been somewhat busy. My boss is going on leave tomorrow, so that means I get to be in charge. Cooool. Heh heh. Um, so, like, I had a conference to attend today, and yesterday I was just too lazy to post a blog. I'm angry with the internet at the tents, because, as usual, it isn't working, so I have boycotted internet-related activities outside of Googling and email. For now.

Anywho, I am about to go join some fellow Camp Victory inmates for a hash run (google it if you are lost), so this will be short. I want to see if I can get online for a moment to chat with Dave, who is currently driving across the country to San Diego. Maybe I'll get lucky and have the internet work for me!
I just wanted to say hi to Mom, Dave, Eric, Stacey, and my friends. Here's a picture, since I haven't smiled for the camera lately.

Cheers, queers.
Oh, and click on Maureen's Blog to the right here. She has a funny account of yesterday's lake run...
Old New Guy (Dan) and me the other day.


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