Thursday, April 06, 2006

My little camera did a poor job of capturing the wind and whitecaps, but here's a shot, anyway.

WOW! It is WINDY outside! It started out as a regular day, but by the time I finished my workout after lunch, the sky was dark and stormy. Sprinkles were falling as I made my way back to the palace from the tents. All the intolerable mud from last week's rain is just now drying up, so it's about par for the course that Iraq's weather gods would decide to dump on us again. I'd much rather it be sandy and dusty than muddy. This evening, though, New Girl and I went out to the balcony to check out the weather, and the skies had brightened up a bit. Oh, but how the winds had kicked up! One gust just about sent us both plummeting over the balcony's edge! The whitecaps had kicked up on the lake making the water resemble the ocean. If I had a windsurfer here, I'd be cruising!
This is a bridge to the palace that we blew up on our way into town.


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