Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The hashers. Not a bad turnout at all for 6:30 in the morning!

We had a special 4th of July hash Tuesday morning, in lieu of our usual Sunday night hash. I am SO impressed with the hares, who brought red/white/blue things galore for all of us to rejoice with. (I’m aware that I ended that in a preposition.) They had leis, and hats, and tiny little flags and confetti, and even a patriotic piñata. The hash was speckled with red white and blue additives, and we followed the trail around the base with Old Glory a flappin’ in the breeze as we ran.

I love it when soldiers accessorize with their reflecto belts.

The hounds are hot on the trail…in more ways than one. (I can name 3 ways. How many can you name?)

The hash on the ground spells NBN, for “near beer near.” The hounds are refueling in the background.

One of our hares (on the right), and a hound. Check out the Uncle Sam piñata and the sweet M16! You won’t see those at most home town hashes…

The instigator. Our hare. I can’t tell you her hash name, because it is a secret.


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