Saturday, July 01, 2006

M-16s getting friendly at the pool

We had an absolute blast during our first Saturday excursion to the Slayer pool, so we decided to host a BBQ there this Saturday. We invited the IED team, my team, and all of our fabulous friends.

A whole bunch of smokin'-hot boys and girls (the boys insisted) showed up (minus all but 3 of the IED team), and we had SO much fun. The PX was out of burgers, so we cooked filets and T-bones, and it was amazing. I don't want to talk too much about how excruciatingly fun it was, because I still want some of you to feel sorry for us for being here in Iraq. But it was GREAT! We all caught some rays, ate some yummy chow, played catch, and chatted with new friends. We had enough food to feed the whole pool, so we're pretty popular now. The good news is, it's only 5 days until our next pool day! Yea!!!
Business meeting.

No, they aren't Abercrombie models...they're USNA grads.

Hayder mans the grill...mmm....steak!


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