Monday, May 15, 2006

Some photos for you, from the past couple of weeks...

Recently, the Iraqi Army moved into a new compound here near the palace. It is situated between Al Faw and the overflow trailers where our other team works. It's also sort of close to our tent city.

These Iraqi Army soldiers must live in the new compound. I walked by them the other day on my way to a meeting at the overflow trailers. They saw my camera and insisted I take their picture. Nice guys.

Me and my Iraqi Army friends.

An unused guard tower near the palace, on the walking route along Saddam's canal that leads to the overflow trailers.

My new favorite fixture. I think he's a type of kingfisher. There are certain animals around here that we see every day. You know about the geese. You know about the fish. This little buddy is my favorite. He hangs out by the fish and catches the smaller fishies that come to eat the bread we throw to them.

Me on the balcony during a recent dust storm. It's the middle of the day, but the sun is almost totally obscured.

Dust storm. The tree is my wind indicator.

Sabah was hungry during our recent Iraqi food party. Our big bosses were in town, so we contractors had a party. The food was delicious, but several of us spent the next week liquefying all our meals, courtesy of a bug we suspect was lurking in the cucumber salad. I knew better than to eat vegetables...

This building neighbors the Marine building at the edge of the palace lake. This is the view from the roof of the Marine building. Niiiice.

As it turns out, my old boss is leading the Marines here. Major General Moore was the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit commander in 1999, when I was his public affairs officer. I love this guy.


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