Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I apologize unreservedly to my faithful followers for my conspicuous absence from the blogosphere. Here I am. I am back. I offer no boring excuses. I was bad, and I humbly repent.

Tonight, we were supposed to have a one-hour, happy, good, brainstorming, fun-ish meeting with the general. Instead, we had what amounted to a 2.5-hour "suck" that had must of us drooling and cross-eyed by meeting's end.

The most important takeaway I got from that painful slog is this:

"I think, when I grow up, that all I really want to do is sell snow cones (or the like) for a living."

I am really, really, super duper, SO looking forward to my leave period beginning Friday the 19th...


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