Monday, October 01, 2007


I strategically chose this photo because it doesn't give away any details that the enemy might find useful. But that smoke is pretty close, eh? No, I am not going to give hints about the location of my office--ever!

Well, we just had our second too-close-for-comfort rocket attack. We were in our office trailer, and we heard a rocket, then the incoming alarm, then a boom. We all hit the deck as soon as we heard the boom and the alarm, which were almost simultaneous. We waited until enough time had passed that we thought we were safe from being caught by a second rocket on our way to the shelter. By the time we got out there, all the military and civilians who work out here in the overflow trailers were there checking it out. There was a plume of dark smoke not 200 yds away.

When the rocket flew over (again, it went right over our trailers), Melissa had been on the phone with her boyfriend in DC. We all hit the deck, and she hung up on him. He was worried when the phone went dead, but I think it was better that it went dead then and not after we said, "Hit the deck! Stay down! Ok, now let's go to the shelter." Incidentally, when we were down on the dirty floor of our trailer, covering our heads with our hands as if it might help, the walls shook very hard. The magnetic eraser was knocked off of our white erase board, and it hit me in the leg. I think a marker and some other stuff fell, too. When it hit my leg, I actually thought it might be shrapnel coming in through our trailer walls. Haha. Some tough Marine I am!

I think I twisted my ankle a little, either hitting the deck, or running to the shelter. A lot of people complained of rug burns. I don't think those injuries qualify us for any awards or anything...unfortunately...haha.

Anyway, we hate rockets, and that's all I have to say about that!


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