Saturday, July 15, 2006

Welcome to my humble abode.

It's my day off, and I am bored to tears. The Slayer AND the Aussie pools are closed, and it's hot, and there's nothing to do. So I thought I'd blog. Haha. If it weren't for boredom, I'd never get a single blog done.

Recently, they opened up a cool new block of trailers here next to the tents. The new trailer section, called Red Leg, is the new "hip" neighborhood. Shane and Chris got rooms there, and I was assured by the KBR trailer guy that I would, too. He said there was no doubt. I didn't even care about getting a trailer until he said that, so, of course, I got my hopes up. See, Red Leg would be ideal, because it is very close to work, it's right next to my old tent neighborhood, and it is near my old familiar showers and toilets.

Well, I got called for a trailer, and it turns out it is in Freedom Village, not Red Leg. Before Red Leg was promised to me, I would have considered Freedom Village ideal. It's better than the other trailer area, Dodge City North, and it is considered a very good "neighborhood."

Well, the internet doesn't work there now, and it is a hike to the toilets and showers from there, so I haven't moved in yet. I am the only person in my tent, and it's rather comfortable, so I'm going to stay. I've an entire 10-person tent all to myself!

So, that's about it.
My mess.


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