Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'm leaving tomorrow, and I have decided to make my penultimate posting from Baghdad a photo of something that I will really miss about this place. I will miss all of the clever little ways that people discover to make this place a little bit more like home, a little bit more tolerable, or a little bit more personalized. I just took this photo today, but I've been meaning to for a couple of months now. Somebody made the effort to find grass and bushes to plant so that he or she can have a little patch of a yard. I mean, that's real grass!!! And look at the darling pink flamingo. I give this person major kudos, and I also send a hearty "thank you" for brightening my day each time I see this teensie clump of yard. I love it, and I will miss this type of "can do" spirit. I love the way unique situations can bring out the creativity and the humanity in people. God bless America!
I'll try to post before my flight tomorrow. If I don't make it, I'll post from Kuwait! Peace out, folks.


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