Friday, September 29, 2006

I have to drive in and out of a certain gate on Camp Slayer all the time, and all of the Global Security guys like to say "hi" to me, or talk to me, etc., because they don't see many American women (these guys are Iraqis, for the most part). They all know me by now, and I knew this, but a tiny little event made this fact more plainly evident this morning. I was doing a U-turn in the usual place, and I held out my ID as I approached, per standard operating procedures. They all waved me through hurriedly, gesturing in a sort of, "yeah, yeah, yeah; you again," sort of manner. As I drove by them slowly, with the window down, one of them said, "Yes, we know you. We all know you. Your smile is a like a beacon in the desert." I laughed, smiled, thanked them, and drove on as they halted traffic to let me through. Haha. I don't know why I am always surprised that the boys always notice the girls here. I wonder what the ratio is...It must be about several hundred to one. And civilian girls are even more rare. Gosh, I'll be glad to be back where I am a normal girl again. I feel sorry for gorgeous women.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Most decent normal guys are afraid off "gorgeous" women. With your casual attitude, better than average looks, sharp wit, and smile you’ve earned the respect of these guys. You also seam to take more risk (have more balls) then most men and they that makes you unique. Enjoy your celebrity status. When you are back in the USA nobody will care.

Stay safe.

GMB from TX
49 year old retired AF Capt

I still miss Baghdad (even with the 700 guys to one girl ratio) but not the company I worked for.

Saturday, September 30, 2006 4:29:00 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Aw gee, shucks. Thanks, GMB.  Yes, I know what you mean about missing Baghdad. I have no doubt I’ll miss this place, too. Right now, though, I am at that all-too-critical “just leave me alone because I can’t be bothered by you even if you are helpful and kind and good looking and trying to do me a favor” stage where I just need out…NOW. I’m certain that, as soon as I get on my plane home, I will be missing this place and my celebrity status. Right now, though, I’m more enamored with the thought of my comparatively mundane existence as a regular gal. I’m not complaining AT ALL, but I am looking forward to being inconspicuous! Every girl who feels like being a small-time celebrity should deploy to Iraq for a few months!

Thanks for tuning in!


Saturday, September 30, 2006 6:27:00 AM  

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