Monday, July 17, 2006

AK-47 Bayonet. Standard Iraqi issue. I've given out a few of these as gifts, and I sometimes forget to include the bit about how this bayonet has two hidden uses. This blog is designed to demonstrate the proper employment of the bayonet's other functions.

It’s more than just a knife for slashing and stabbing. It is also a pair of wire cutters and a hammer.


Hold your bayonet with the eyelet facing to the left. Your left hand should be on the sheath, and your right hand should be on the handle, as shown.

Without adjusting your grip, orient the sheath and bayonet as shown.

Now turn your left hand over, so that the back of your hand is toward you. Bring the blade and sheath tips together so that the sheath and bayonet are crossed. Match the rectangular protrusion (male end) on the sheath’s tip to the notch of the same shape (female end) in the bayonet’s blade.

The wire goes between the protrusion at the tip of the sheath and the sharp part of the knife’s spine. Cut in a scissor-like, chopping fashion.


To make a hammer, match the eye hole (where the rifle muzzle would go) with the slot in the sheath where the blade goes.

Grip by the sheath and hammer carefully.


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Nancy - I miss you sooooooo much!! I can't believe you are in the tent alone. I miss my hooch! I will try to call you tomorrow - I have been so busy. Stay cool!


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